(1) Inspection:


A. Inspection on incoming raw materials
We shall require all raw material suppliers to provide material certificate or quality acknowledgment, and randomly picking up raw material samples to test all kinds of performance.


B. Quality control in production process:
The quality 
control staffs are responsible for the regular monitoring and auditing on the quality of the raw materials, production proceduremanufacturing methods. In order to guarantee the quality of semi-finished products in production process, if any abnormal situation on products is emerging, the quality control staffs shall come up with discrepancy reports and demand the production apartment to correct and improve immediately.


C. Inspection on finished products:
Test all the products for diversif
ied chracteristics.


D. Shipment Inspection
The sampling shall be conducted according to G/T2828 standard on the finished productsto double assure our product quality for achieving the best quality assurance on our finished products.


(2) Sampling Scheme:


Select samples from the finished products of pipes, fittings, and valves made from same lot of raw material, dosage and production procedure as a group, For DN30mm,the sampling quantity of each group should contain not over 20,000 pcsfor DN32mm, the sampling quantity of each group should be not over 5,000 pcs. If the finished product quantity is insufficient in one group after 7 days production, set it as a group. Inspecting the appearance and dimension conforming to GB/T2828 sampling standardselect sufficient quantity (not less than 10pcs per batchof samples for undertaking the inspection on appearance and dimension and to proceed all of the above-mentioned performance test and characteristics.


(3) Test on Product Categories and Methods:


A. Valves

1. Vicat Softening Temperature Test
The test shall be conforming to G/T8802 or ASTM D1525 standard; the minimum temperature for the UPVC valves not less than 74 and for CPVC valves it shall be not les than 103℃.

EE: XRW-300 Thermal deformation, Vicat softening temperature tester.

2. Hydrostatic Pressure Test :
Connect with pipe of same grade and type, test its 
compression resistance.

EE: XGW Thermostat Bathing Tank; XGY Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine ; Fluid Thermal cycling Pressure Testing Machine

3. Life Cycling Endurance Test
The valves shall be loaded with fluid at 1.0 Mpa pressure to open and close the valve handle at least 10,000 times, Then the stem packing and the ball seats should not found with any leakage, Any parts or components of the valves should not be found with breakage.

EE: Valve Torque Tester

B. Fittings
1.Vicat Softening Temperature Test: 
The test shall be conforming to G/T8802 or ASTM D1525 standard; it requires the UPVC temperature shall be not less than 74 and CPVC shall be not less than 103.

EE: XRW-300 Thermal deformation, Vicat softening temperature tester.



2. Hydrostatic Pressure Test:
Connect with pipe of same grade and type, test its 
compression resistance.

EE: XGW Thermostat Bathing Tank ; XGY Pipe Hydrostatic Testing Machine ; Fluid Thermal Cycling Pressure Testing Machine


3. Falling Weight Test
The test shall be conducted conforming to G/T8801 or ASTM D5628 standard, preserved the test samples in freezer 1℃ for 30 minutes and then falling the samples freely from five different azimuth at the demand height (D≤75mm,at 2m,
75mm, at 1m),the fitting should be in good condition after test.

EE: DH-1025 Cryostat Freezer Box.


4. Hot Oven Test
The test shall be conducted conforming to GB/T8803-2001 standard, The samples shall be stored in oven for temperature up to 150±2℃. No cracking, bubbling, split at the molding line or other surface damage shall be found.

EE: RLH-350 Thermal Aging Chambers


5. Drop Hammer Test
The test shall be conducted conforming to sG/T6112 standard, check up the maximize impact of fitting.


EE: DH-1025 Cryostat Box ;  LC-300A/B Drop hammer impact testing machine



C. Pipes

1. Vicat Softening Temperature Measurement
Conforming to G/T8802 or ASTM D1525 or ISO 306 standard; minimum Vicat Softening Temperature for UPVC pipes shall be not less than 79 and for CPVC pipes it shall not less than 110
xperiment Equipment(EE)XRW-300 Thermal deformation, Vicat softening temperature tester.

2. Drop Hammer Test
Conforming to G/T6112 standard; for testing the maximum impact data of the pipes.
EE: DH-1025 Cryostat Box ; LC-300A/B Drop hammer impact testing machine


3. Tensile Strength Test
Conforming to G/T8804 or ASTM D638 or ISO 527 standard for Tensile StressYield Stress and Elongation Rate on the tested pipes.

EE: XYL Dumbbell system prototype ; WDW Universal Testing Machine


4Hydrostatic and Burst pressure:
ANSI pipe
s shall be tested according to ASTM D1785 standard.The pipes of local specification shall be tested conforming to GB/T15560-1995 standard.

EE: XGW Thermostat Bathing Tank ; XGY Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine ; Fluid Thermal Cycling Pressure Testing Machine


5. Longitudinal Reversion
Test shall be conducted conforming to GB/T6671-2001, firstly the samples heated up to 150±2℃ and then measure the longitudinal reversion dimensionwhich should be not over 5%.

EE: RLH-350 Thermal Aging Chambers


6. Dichloromethane Immersion
The test shall be conducted conforming to GB/T13526 standard, after dichloromethane immersion, then measure and investigate the transformation of cutting surface damage condition inside and outside of the pipe and the variation of its area..